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A Tactical Guide to Growth Marketing

ClearBrain offers both the tools and strategy to scale your growth campaigns.

Download our free guide to growth marketing, including 15 step-by-step strategies on building customer segments, targeting them in ads, and monetizing your product funnel.

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How ClearBrain Works

ClearBrain enables Growth teams to use AI to automatically reach the right user at the right time. Get set up in minutes, without a single line of code.

Connect Your Data. No Code Required.

ClearBrain automatically connects to your email, analytics, or database platforms. We ingest your user traits and actions from analytics tools like Segment or mParticle, and transform the underlying data for predictive modeling. This requires no engineering, so you can get set up in minutes.

Point-And-Click Predictive Audiences.

ClearBrain learns from your users’ past actions who is most likely to perform a future action. Use a point-and-click interface to build propensity scores for conversion or churn in minutes. Create predictive lookalike audiences of your high vs. low value customers, by the click of a button.

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Dynamic Pricing For Each User.

Create dynamic offers relative to each user’s propensity to convert or churn. Automatically compute personalized ad bids in your Facebook ads, or proportional discounts in email campaigns. Increase revenue and reduce CPA by targeting the right user with the right price.

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Retarget Predicted Users in Ads & Emails.

Sync predictive audiences from ClearBrain into Facebook Lookalikes and Custom Audiences for reduced CPA. Increase open & click rates in your emails by retargeting your highest propensity users. Power personalization campaigns to increase lift and retention in all your growth metrics.

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ClearBrain has transformed how we approach remarketing. Several of our email and paid acquisition teams can now build predictive audience segments in minutes, consistently driving a 30% lift in CTR and an overall 7% increase in product engagement.

Steve Ebin - VP of Growth

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We’ve been able to drive significant lift to our email marketing efforts with ClearBrain, increasing upgrades by up to 43% to our mobile subscription product. It’s made it really easy to predict any user conversion event, and reach the right audience at the right time.

Ryan Stuczynski - Head of Data & Analytics


ClearBrain is led by a team of engineers with over 20 years experience at the intersection of machine learning and marketing automation. We’ve built and scaled predictive pipelines for Google Ads and Uber, led data engineering and data science at Optimizely, and built mission critical settlement systems at DraftKings.

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